We are true to our promise in Word and Deed!


Welcome to the M.M.A FRESH PRODUCE . It is my sincere hope that after you have taken a look at our site , you will have a better insight into the type of company we are , and that you will find we are a company that demands of your customers and aim to help you to ensure they receive the best produce available in the market with the highest possible levels of service.

Some of the most important factors to be taken into account when it comes to good food include diversity of produce and growing areas , good horticultural practices , maturity and post- harvest practices.

We have always looked forward by investing in our company ; in our people , in our systems , in our brands and in our facilities . we believe this is what separates us from our competition , and is the ingredient between satisfaction and delight what we call  THE FRESH PRODUCE FACTOR  .

Quality is our way of life!



At the heart of M.M.A FRISH PRODUCE commitment to our clients, are the family values we hold precious: an individual service that is wholly personal, whether you are a small supermarket or a chain of luxury hotels .

What this means in practice is that you deal with one person .

one person who is dedicated to you and your clients’ particular  needs – all with levels of personal service that never goes out of fashion.

At every stage of our business , from assessing growers and their farming methods ,all the way through to how produce is presented at the retail level ,we listen to what you need ,and carry it out to the letter.

AT M.M.A FRESH PRODUCE  we believe in investment – and there is no greater investment than the people who work with us .

We are a family – oriented business that believes family and family values extend to our employees –whether they are a senior manager or someone who drives one of our trucks.

The fresh produce six steps to satisfaction