What service you provide !!

MMA Fresh Produce , provides a range of specialized services which can be tailored to meet specific customer needs , our purpose built facilities or designed to maximise supply chain efficiencies.

What measures did you take against Corona Virus !!

The Coronavirus advances relentlessly throughout the world , But we never stopped working ,
We established mechanisms to carry out all the activities from home to take care of each other and take care of the community ,this is very special year for us .

What's list of your fresh products ?

Citrus , potatoes and Onions.
Grapes, pomegranates, garlic, mangoes.
Grains, beans, guavas, cucumber, Pepper, eggplant.

When does the Egyptian citrus season start?

the citrus export season, from November 20 to mid-may, lasts for about six months and includes in the order of exports oranges, tangerines, lemons and grapefruits, each of which is different throughout the season, including tangerines such as morica, and oranges such as sugar and utensils, etc.

Origin of your fresh products ??

Fresh produce from our farms has been grown by Egyptian hands.

Egyptian agricultural products are of high quality and reputation and are required in the world. It meets all the requirements and technical specifications of the importing countries
Egypt permits the export of agricultural products only if they are fully valid and examines them three times in agricultural land, during fatiguing.

How do I know you're offering the best quality?

MMA Fresh Produce firmly believes that healthy life is impossible without eating fresh and natural foods.We continue to upgrade and upgrade our haccp processing systems and methods.
We have ISO and Global GAP certificates , we provide inspection before and after goods loading .